Stock Type


Cardboard, E-flute corrugated and decorated board.

Folding Capability


Standard Straightline folding cartons, Lockbottom cartons, Double-wall cartons.

Maximum Speed


Max. 200m/min.



No.1 crease 180° and No.3 crease 135°



Automatic and continuous feeding.

Glue Type


(For Glue Pot) Water based glue.

Power Required


35 KW, AC 220V

Machine Weight



  1. Equipped with wireless remote control and screw rod that can be easily operated.

  2. Comes with power timing belt for transmission; high efficiency, low noise, durability and easy to maintain.

  3. 3. Top belt drive system in pre-fold, bottom fold and final fold section. Can run either carton board or E flute corrugated board job more precisely.

  4. 4. Easy to operate upper gluing pot.

  5. 5. Specially equipped bottom gluing pot application for various box patterns.

  6. 6. Ability to do bottom and both sides gluing.

  7. 7. Pre-folding for No. 1 crease 180° and No.3 crease 135° speeds up production and easily connects to automatic packing device.

  8. 8. Heavy duty frame for various cardboard boxes, particularly E and B flute decorated corrugated board.

  9. 9. Upper compressor section uses sponge-like belts for smooth transfer to conveyor section where product is stacked.

  10. 10. Photo-electric counter for pre-set counting and batching.

  11. 11. Standard machine include independent electrical cabinet, touch screen HMI.

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