Max. paper size


1060mm x 760mm

Min. paper size


400mm x 350mm

Max. die-cutting paper size


1050mm x 745mm

Width of gripper margin (min)



Diecutting force


300 Tons

Outer size of die chase


1155mm X 852mm

Inner size of die chase


1075mm X 769mm

Counter plate size


1076mm X 756mm

Thickness of die-cutting paper


0.1mm ~ 2mm

Corrugated paper


≦ 4mm

Height of cutting rules



Stroke of movable platen



Max. punching speed


8000 S/H

Accuracy of die-cutting sheets



Accuracy of die-cutting sheets



Power volt



Power consumption



Outer size of machine(mm)


5884L X 4193L X 2115H

max. pile height at feeder



max. pile height at finish



  1. Max. sheet size 760 x 1060 mm

  2. Min. sheet size 350 x 400 mm

  3. Max. die-cutting sheet size 745 x 1050 mm

  4. Max. machine speed 8,000 s/h

  5. With feeder, operator catwalk

  6. Spare stack device at the feeder

  7. Air blower at the feeder

  8. Non-stop system for Feeder & Delivery Station

  9. Double sheet device

  10. Double sheet device

  11. Front lays register device with 2 sensors

  12. Push & pull side lays device

  13. Pneumatic chase locking system

  14. Pneumatic chase pushing system

  15. Automatic in place of chase uploading system

  16. Automatic in place of gripper bite opening system

  17. Automatic platen pressure controlling system

  18. Cooling fan device

  19. New structure of gripper bar

  20. 1 tool set of cutting station

  21. 1 piece x cover plate

  22. 2 sets x quick lock chases with fixed make-ready plate

  23. 2 pieces x 4mm cutting plates with central line registration

  24. 24mm under plate with 4 ways 0.9mm micro adjustment on machine

  25. 1 tool set of stripping station

  26. 2 sets x tool frames

  27. 1 set x equipment for top stripping tools

  28. 1 set x equipment for bottom stripping tools

  29. 2 sets x stripping trolleys

  30. Pneumatic joggling device at Delivery station

  31. Digital indicator

  32. Tape inserter

  33. Dimension of machine (L)5884x(W)4193x(H)2115 mm

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