Stock Type


Cardboard, E-flute corrugated and decorated board

Folding Capability


Standard Folding boxes, Double sides boxes, Crash-lock Bottom boxes, 4corners & 6 corners.

Machine Speed


Maximum 300 m/min

Max.Blank width





No.1 creasing line180o, No.3 creasing line 135o



Automatic and continuous feeding

Glue Type


(For glue pot) Water based glue

Main Machine Power Required



Total Weight (approx.)



Standard Function

Item Standard/Optional
Touch screen monitor system Standard
PLC control system Standard
Kicker device / Photo sensor counter / Volume setting Standard
Manual carrier adjusting with indicator Standard
Independent electrical cabinet Standard
Wireless remote controller Standard
Tool for take out shafts Standard
Carrier handle Standard
NORDSON or HHS cold-glue gluing system with option 2,3 or 4 guns kit max.4 photo sensors & guns kit bracket Optional
3HP air-compressor (without CE-sign) Optional


Item Standard/Optional
Pile vibrator Standard
Belt carrier length=760mm with 7 belt carriers Standard
Blank support assembly / (O.S.)(D.S.)x3pcs Standard
Blank support roller bar assembly / 2pcs Standard
Pneumatic lifting gate device Standard
Gate holder adjusting device Standard
Blank side plate device Standard
Belt brush cleaning device Standard
Suction feeder with 4 belts with holes Standard

Aligment modular

Item Standard/Optional
Length : 1200mm 2 upper roller carrier assembly With blank straightening device and support Plate x2pcs Optional


Item Standard/Optional
Length=2358mm with 3 carriers Standard
Front support plate / 2pcs Standard
Support plate / 2pcs Standard
Folding belt bracket unit Standard
Folding hold down plate / (O.S.)(D.S.) Standard
Folding pressing bar / 2 pcs Standard
Folding belt support / (D.S.) Standard
Opener for creasing line 3 / (D.S.) Standard
Support plate Standard
Folding rail / Bracket holder (D.S.)(O.S.) Standard
Folding rail / Bracket holder (D.S.)(O.S.) Standard

Lock bottom modular

Item Standard/Optional
Length=1608mm, 3 carriers Standard
Support plate / 2pcs (1602mm) Standard
Diagonal folder / (O.S.) / 2pcs x(L)(M) Standard
Front hook mechanism (O.S.) / 4sets Standard
Front hook mechanism (D.S.) / 3 sets Standard
Front hooks Standard
Diagonal folder / (D.S.) / 2pcs x(L)(M) Standard

4/6 corner device

Item Standard/Optional
Diagonal folder for 4/6 corner (O.S.) (L=1) Standard
Diagonal folder for 4/6 corner (D.S.) (R=2) Standard
Diagonal folder for 4/6 corner (O.S.) (S=1) Standard
Diagonal folder for 4/6 corner (D.S.) (S=2) Standard
(Pre-fold)vacuum support plate assembly (O.S.)=1pc (D.S.)=1 pc Standard
(Lock bottom) vacuum support bar assembly (O.S.)=1pc (D.S.)=1pc Standard
Support plate / 2pcs Standard
6 corner: Center carrier pressing roller assembly (include special tools) Standard
Glue flap folder assembly / (O.S.)(L) Standard
3 fingers overtaking hook assembly / 4/6 corner / 7pcs Standard
2 fingers overtaking hook assembly / 4/6 corner / 7pcs Standard
Back folding:2 shafts servo motor system Standard
Suction support plate / 2pcs Standard
Double flex guide (O.S.)=1 set Standard


Item Standard/Optional
Lower glue pot assembly / operating side (4mm folding wheel) Standard
Length=2748mm, 3 carriers Standard
Support plate (2812mm) Standard
Center transport carrier assembly Standard
Top center extend rollers unit Standard
Guide wire Standard
Folding plate (O.S.)(D.S.) Standard

Transfer device

Item Standard/Optional
Length=813mm, 2 belt carriers Standard
Stacking mirror Standard


Item Standard/Optional
Conveyor / belt adjusting device Standard
Delivery Standard

  1. 1. Equipped with wireless remote control for easy operation and high mobility.

  2. 2. Large full color stacking monitor / CCD system and touch screen setting monitor.

  3. 3. Individually adjustable feeding belts with suction device.

  4. 4. Pneumatic lifter on feeder and pattern feeding mechanism can easily adjust for different sheets width.

  5. 5. Position indicator on all carriers to ensure easy and quick change carrier position.

  6. 6. Top belt drive system in bottom fold and final fold section. Can run either carton board or E flute corrugated board job more precisely.

  7. 7. Pattern aluminum pressing board with fixing clips make job changing quicker and easier.

  8. 8. PLC program control system with two servo motor backing fold system, suitable for 4 &6 point boxes, cake, gift, lock bottom boxes, double wall boxes and standard straight line boxes production, Modulize options can be adapted to run each different appliance easily.

  9. 9. Heavy duty inverter for main motor and timing belt for driving motor.

  10. 10. Max. machine speed of 300m/min, high efficiency, low noise, durable and easy to maintain.

  11. 11. Standard lower and topper glue pot unit on both sides, easy to remove, fix and clean.

  12. 12. Adjustable pressing roller after final fold section to reach different flatness requirements.

  13. 13. Standard machine include independent electrical cabinet, touch screen monitor setting system, volume setting and kicker device.

  14. 14. Unique conveyor design help smoother paper stacking and high efficiency.

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