1. 1. Equipped with wireless remote control for easy operation and high mobility.

  2. 2. Touch screen setting monitor.

  3. 3. Individually adjustable feeding belts with suction device. (suction device is option)

  4. 4. Pneumatic lifter on feeder and pattern feeding mechanism can easily adjust for different sheets width.

  5. 5. Position indicator on all carriers to ensure easy and quick-change carrier position.

  6. 6. Top belt drive system in bottom fold and final fold section. Can run either carton board or E flute corrugated board job more precisely.

  7. 7. Pattern aluminum pressing board with fixing clips makes job changing quicker and easier.

  8. 8. Heavy-duty inverter for main motor and timing belt for driving motor.

  9. 9. Max. machine speed of 300m/min, high efficiency, low noise, durable and easy to maintain.

  10. 10. Standard lower and topper glue pot unit on both sides, easy to remove, fix and clean.

  11. 11. Adjustable pressing roller after final fold section to reach different flatness requirements.

  12. 12. Standard machine include independent electrical cabinet, touch screen monitor setting system, volume setting and kicker device.

  13. 13. Unique conveyor design help smoother paper stacking and high efficiency.

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