Maximum Paper Size


1300 x 950 mm

Minimum Paper Size


600 x 450 mm

Maximum Cutting Size


1290 x 940 mm

Maximum Cutting Pressure


500 Tons

Paper Thickness (Stock Range)


0.1 - 2 mm

Register Tolerance


+/- 0.15mm

Minimum Gripper Margin


9.5 mm

Inner Chase Size


1420 x 958 mm

Face Plate Size


1328 x 940 mm

Maximum Cutting Speed


6,000 cycles per hour

Variable Speed Main Motor


15.0 Kw

Main Machine Power Required


220 V, 60 Hz, 3-Phase, 110A

Machine Dimensions (L x W x H)


8088 x 4482 x 2244 mm

Total Weight (approx.)


20 Tons

  1. The side guide adjustment ensures a perfect 90 angle between side guide and front lays at all times.

  2. The slow down device on feed table allows sheet to enter head stop at a greatly reduced speed to ensure excellent register when running light weight stock.

  3. Mico-adjustment device at delivery unit ensures safety.

  4. Special push down device at delivery ensures proper stacking of large size sheets.

  5. Pneumatic chase locking system to eliminate loose mechanical parts. Optional.

  6. Recycling oil temperature controller to maintain an even cutting pressure.

  7. Control system with computerized self-diagnostic monitor system provides information of each section to facilitate operation and troubleshooting.

  8. LCD Digital display indicates the correct side guide adjustment required to keep side guide 90 to the front lay.

  9. Wide rang of stock from light paper to b-flute.

  10. Automatic stripping system is optional.

Feeder and feed station

Non Stop sheet feeder equipped with:

  • pre piling device

  • one suction head for converting paper, board and corrugated board

  • mechanical double sheet detection

  • manual suction head adjustment

  • manual side blowers

  • pile platform with motorized lateral pile adjustment, on top of the floor including wedges

  • tape table with 10 conveyor belts

  • pressure and vacuum pump

  • side lay for push and pull operation, operator side and drive side,also to change for paper or board

  • two active font lays which sense the correct sheet feeding by proximity switches, separate fine adjustment of front lays on drive and operator side

  • sheet slow down

  • sheet arrival adjustment

  • register system

Cutting station

  • Swivel carrier arms

  • Manual adjustment of cutting pressure, max. up to 500 tones

  • Register system

  • 2 chase with fixed back plate

  • 1 Aluminum cover plate

  • 2 cutting plate 5.0 mm

Stripping station

  • Frame drive for upper and lower tool frame

  • Device to take up a stripping board

  • 2 tool frames

  • 1 set of equipment for top stripper (without frame)

  • 1 set of equipment for bottom stripper (without frame)

  • 1 set of tools for fixing the stripping board

  • 2 waste container for stripping station

Delivery station

  • Non-stop rolling carpet

  • Gripper edge removal system

  • Pile carrying platform, 12 mm thick on top of the floor including wedge

  • Tape inserter

  • Manual sheet size adjustment

  • Sheet brake brush

  • Pneumatic sheet down pushers

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