Maximum Paper Size


1050 x 750 mm

Minimum Paper Size


400 x 350 mm

Maximum Cutting Size


1040 x 730 mm

Maximum Cutting Pressure


300 Tons

Paper Thickness (Stock Range)


0.1 - 2 mm

Register Tolerance


+/- 0.2mm

Minimum Gripper Margin


9.5 mm

Inner Chase Size


1145 x 755 mm

Face Plate Size


1080 x 736 mm

Maximum Cutting Speed


7,500 cycles per hour

Variable Speed Main Motor


21.75.0 Kw

Bottom heater (10 Zones)


20 KW

Main Machine Power Required


220 V, 60 Hz, 3-Phase, 110A

Machine Dimensions (L x W x H)


7065 x 4169 x 2225 mm

Total Weight (approx.)


19.5 Tons

  1. Brand new version of Foil Control System with full color Touch Screen panel

  2. New layout and new structure for the Foil Treading route for more stable and Higher speed when run a job

  3. 5 – Foil pull rolls with individual programmable for foil pull length

  4. 6 Shaft Foil Re-winder to ensure the foil rewind properly, even with narrow foil

  5. 20 Zones heater base with individual temperature control on the touch-screen

  6. Dual air blaster for sheet smoother and separation

  7. Large Cat-Walk for easy access during make-ready

  8. Up-to-date sheet inspection table with over head light

  9. High raise machine, for higher pile on feeder and delivery

  10. Improved feeder for handle paper

  11. Standard equipped with head-stop and side guide sensor

  12. 300 metric tones of pressure for die cutting and foil stamping

  13. Honey-comb base for easy locking stamping/embossing dies

  14. Easy Foil loading system

  15. Elevation 300mm

  16. With stripping feature.

Complete with: one (1) Honeycomb Die-chase and Temperature Controls Console 5-Draw Foil Puller and with 6 shaft re-winder

Foil Longitudinal Puller Shafts



Foil Transverse Puller Shafts



Maximum Foil Diameter


Ø200 mm roll

Maximum Longitudinal Rewind Diameter


Ø 400 mm roll

Maximum Transverse Rewind Diameter


Ø200 mm roll

Maximum Foil Stamping Area


730 mm x 1020 mm

Heating Zones


20 Zones

Temperature Control Range


0 - 180 ºC

Foil Unit Power Required


220V, 60 Hz, 3-Phase, 100A

Heater Power


24 Kw



1 pc

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