1. Digital coordinate measurement and indicators, Color 12 inch LCD

  2. Touchscreen

  3. Program numeric control ( 1000 programs x 75 program steps )

  4. 75.000 pcs Programs memory

  5. Sortings programs in numeric and alphabetic

  6. Turkish and English language packages

  7. Label Programming

  8. Equal (endless) division program

  9. Program Memorizing System

  10. Clipping and swarf evacuation system (openable table by program or manuel )

  11. Calculator Function

  12. Mitre controlled in absolute and additive system

  13. Stainless, chrome plated & pneumatic (air) table provides easily movement possiblity

  14. Machine illumination light

  15. Cutting light line function

  16. Manuel/ Semi automatic - Full automatic operation

  17. Automatic rear and front movement of backgauge by hand wheel

  18. Hydraulic clamping ,min - max. pressure

  19. Gradual pressure by foot pedal

  20. Precission-ball screw

  21. Linear guide with ball bearing

  22. Servo-motor

  23. Built-in knife lifting device for quick change

  24. 1(One) unit spare knife

  25. Air blowing system for not to be scrap on substrate of knife

  26. Mechanical hand protection equipment works with openable table function

  27. Mechanical security system on the body of knife and light barrier (photocel) security protection

  28. HydraulicLoading & Unloading Lifts on right and letf sides ( Automatic down and up automation during loading and unloading )

  29. Complete Electrical System for 380V / 50Hz

  30. Lockable main switch and overload security system

  31. Double Hand Button security system

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