CF75 Ultra System

The CF75 ULTRA Compact Foiler module incorporates the same proven technology employed on other modules, yet when combined with patented Scodix polymer applied science, creates spectacular and unparalleled metallic and holographic effects.

The tailored unit is also a natural physical extension to the press, delivered with matching covers and integrated controls.

This module is exclusively available through Scodix in Israel.


About Scodix

Scodix Ltd. is the established leader of digital print enhancement presses for the Graphic Arts industry, offering print service providers and converters the ability to add value to the products they provide to their customers.

The company’s digital enhancement presses and Scodix SENSE™ solution offer unmatched, high-quality enhancement capabilities that make the graphic communications printed product stand out from the rest and leave a lasting impression.

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  1. 1. No heat for temperature sensitive substrates.

  2. 2. No lifting

  3. 3. Low waste

  4. 4. Rapid set up


The new module incorporates our automatic foil saving systems which dramatically reduce material costs. The foil is quickly loaded, without the use of tooling or heavy lifting. With set up requiring just seconds, the unit automatically and precisely applies foil using pinpoint registration.


The module enhances print by applying foil to create fine detail, 3D, high gloss images on all types of printed media. The polymer has been developed to work on most substrates and does not use heat in the process, which can otherwise damage delicate materials. The system and process is robust and works with a wide variety of standard foils which are readily available in all countries.

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