CF1000PM(Press Mounted)

It is very important to consider set up & changeover time, waste and quality when comparing vendors. Our module eliminates heavy shaft and reel handling and monitors all operations to safe guard the press, automatically shutting down if a problem occurs.

Our unit is constructed for high running speeds, quality and safety. We are endorsed by several press manufacturers and many of the leading Printers have chosen our module as the most versatile and cost effective unit on the market today

  1. Conventional and UV adhesives / inks for all types of press

  2. Small space / height  requirement

  3. Shafts stay in the machine eliminating heavy lifting

  4. Floor loading for safety, no crane or platform required

  5. Large capacity reels for less change overs

  6. Rapid installation

  7. Remote diagnostics with i-service

  8. Totally enclosed during operation to prevent contamination

  9. 3 runs max cold foil,  up to 20 runs cast & cure 

  10. Multi reel with lazer set up, multi pass and registration saving

  11. No operator supervision, runs in complete harmony with press

  12. Closed loop monitoring of module & process with alarm / auto stop

  13. Total synchronisation with press

  14. Integrated design with colour coded panels

  15. Reduce press downtime

  16. Total safety

  17. Robust and reliable solution 

CF1000PM System

The CF1000PM is a low cost, press mounted module for customers that want to create these effects with minimal cost in a fixed location. The unit has many of the features of the popular CF1000 module including foil saving, tension control and rapid set up. Our loading system eliminates heavy lifting of reels and shafts for complete safety, reducing set up time dramatically.

Reel Loading

The rewind shafts remain in the module and are cantilevered for the loading / unloading of reels. The manipulator lifts the reels from the floor automatically and aligns with the shaft for the rapid and safe loading of single or multiple reels. Once loaded, the reels and cores can be positioned quickly and accurately using the lazer guiding system. Splice tables are conveniently located to join the web to the previous run, eliminating thread up.

Rewind Station

Both Rewind and Unwind are driven using the latest digital drive technology for perfect tension control and multiple passes of cold and cast and cure film. The coated side of the foil does not touch any rollers above the press and a shutter guard encloses them completely during operation to prevent foil contamination in the press.  The module automatically synchronises with the press speed leaving the operator to focus on their normal duties.

Foil Saving

The CF1000 produces a high quality finished roll after the foiling process for multiple passes through the press when the pattern permits. The CF1000 has three options for foil saving which can be selected depending on the pattern/coverage to increase foil yield and reduce costs. 

CF1000 Press Mounted Foiler



500mm (20”) Standard to  1500mm (60”)



18000 sheets / hour

Core sizes


76mm (3”) & 152mm (6”)  (optional)

Typical reel change over times


Less than 5 minutes

Maximum roll diameter


550mm (21”) 16000m



digital  drives & auto tension control



Siemens S7 

No contact with coated side of foil above press

Automatic tension control for multiple foil passes

Three different foil saving options

Ultrasonic diameter measurement

Automatic web break and blanket wrap around detection

Automatic print speed matching

Colour coded panels to match press

Rapid installation (2-4 days)

CE & UL marked with appropriate guarding

Supported worldwide

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